Endorsements for Jesus Now Awakening

  • Dr. Steve Douglass
    I agree with Tom Phillips. God is indeed moving today. In so many places, people are responding to Him. We should be encouraged and ask God how we can be involved.
    Dr. Steve Douglass
    President of Cru
  • Dr. David Ferguson
    In two simple but profound words, Tom has captured the heart and hope of God for our day ...... JESUS NOW! Today's fresh stirrings of Awakening as captured in this timely work are all about intimacy with the historical and contemporary person of Jesus. And it's the urgency of now that makes our pleadings for Awakening personal and practical as illustrated in the powerful stories Tom has chronicled for us. Read it and reap great blessings as the Spirit enlists your heart into all He is up to in our day.
    Dr. David Ferguson
    Great Commandment Network
  • Donica Hudson
    Tom Phillips warmly and transparently invites us to seek Jesus for how we might be involved in burgeoning re-awakening with Jesus Now—from a personal level of revival to a corporate level of spiritual outpouring—offering “Spirit Empowered Faith” lessons along the way to guide the reader into deeper relationship with Jesus and greater understanding of his or her role in revival.  And we all can have a role!
    Donica Hudson
    Founder and president of In His Presence Global Ministries, Inc., revivalist and host of Charlotte Alive
  • Claude Alexander
    Having given his life to the cause of revival throughout the world through his work with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Tom Phillips powerfully calls the church in America to a time of increased sensitivity and responsiveness to the ways in which God is currently working. It is a "Jesus Now" time.
    Claude Alexander
    Pastor of The Park Church in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • P. Douglas Small
    Tom Phillips is a champion for revival and renewal efforts. His unique perspective, having worked with the Billy Graham organization for decades, has afforded him a rare window on God’s activity in the world. His book is filled with the principles that drive revival and is readable and compelling. It offers a lens through which we better discern God’s work, not only in history, but in our times.
    P. Douglas Small
    President of Project Pray
  • Corey Lee
    Jesus Now is an extraordinary book; a must read for all believers who are holding onto hope for awakening in America.  Tom’s ability to weave engaging stories, revival history, and practical principles is sheer genius.  In times when ordinary has become the norm, Jesus Now awakens readers to the attainability of living a fruitful Christian life.  We are on the brink of an outpouring in our nation and it is an honor to be a part of this Jesus Now Awakening.
    Corey Lee
    Pastor of Convergence Church
  • Kathy Branzell
    Prepare to be inspired and ignited! In his book Jesus Now, Dr. Tom Phillips turns our attention to Jesus' loving pursuit of us in everyday events we may be missing. People of all generations, color, and backgrounds are responding to Christ's powerful transformation of their lives with passionate prayer, sacrificial care and bold sharing of the gospel. This book shakes us from distraction, disillusionment, and spiritual dozing to the powerful plan that Jesus is awakening His church to reset and revive us to complete the Great Commission.
    Kathy Branzell
    National Coordinator of LOVE2020
  • Jeff Farmer
    Jesus Now is timely and dynamic and moved my heart deeply. Hunger and thirst for personal and corporate revival drips from every page and echoes the heart-cry of so many who are interceding for revival in the church today. Jesus Now should be put in the hands of every church leader in North America.
    Jeff Farmer
    President, Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America
  • Dr. Bob Bakke
    Tom Phillips has been a friend and a collaborator of mine in evangelism and revival for over twenty-five years. Jesus Now is his mirror-image. It combines his intense desire to see people and cultures transformed by the power of Jesus Christ, with his voice as a “messenger of hope.” For Tom, God’s glorious work today presages an historic work, soon.  I’m convinced. Jesus Now is infectious. It will focus your priorities, intensify your hunger, and inspire you with confidence.
    Dr. Bob Bakke
    Teaching pastor at Hillside Church of Bloomington and member of OneCry in Buchanan, Michigan
  • Dr. Robert E. Coleman
    Tom Phillips loves Jesus and he loves people. Moreover, he has a great yearning for revival. Reading this book will stir your heart and prod you to believe God for greater things.
    Dr. Robert E. Coleman
  • Rev. Dr. Richard Gibbons
    Dr. Tom Phillips has been at the forefront of Christian service for decades. In his latest book he writes with insight, wisdom, and a remarkable understanding of God at work in the church today. If you are seeking to be refreshed and renewed by God's purposeful initiative in the past, and how he continues to work in remarkable ways through the seemingly insignificant and the ordinary, then Jesus Now is for you. But be careful, engaging with God at this level may just change who you are and take you to a deeper relationship with Him.
    Rev. Dr. Richard Gibbons
    Senior pastor at First Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC
  • Wayde Goodall
    In today’s world, many people feel discouraged, fearful, and oppressed. In this powerful book full of revelation, Tom Phillips inspires Christ-followers to have hope. Countless believers today cry out to the Lord, “Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?” (Psalm 85:6 ESV). Tom Phillips is one of the most knowledgeable leaders on the topics of revival and renewal that we have in today’s church. Jesus Now describes the moving of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life throughout America and the world.  When reading this helpful book, I felt a sense of excitement, anticipation, and . . . revival.  I didn’t want to stop reading – rejoicing all the way!
    Wayde Goodall
    Dean of College Ministry, Professor of Church Leadership, Director of Graduate Programs and President of Worldwide Family at Northwest University
  • Frank Wolf
    I have grave concerns that are addressed so well by my friend, Tom Phillips, in his book Jesus Now. When people's hearts are awakened, then they will know the value of religious faith and freedom. I highly endorse this book.
    Frank Wolf
    Former Congressman (Ret. 1981-2014)
  • Dr. Ronnie Floyd
    Do you aspire to be a part of the next great movement of God in our generation? If so, read Tom Phillips’ newest book, Jesus Now, which will inspire you to go deeper with God than ever before in your life. The greatest need in America today is the next Great Awakening! The seeds sown through the pages of this book could potentially lead you into a day of fruitfulness that is unprecedented in your life. Read it and share it with a friend.
    Dr. Ronnie Floyd
    Senior Pastor, Cross Church and Immediate Past President, Southern Baptist Convention
  • David and Jason Benham
    The title of this book says it all and echoes the hearts of Christians all across this nation - we need Jesus Now! In this book, Tom Phillips shows how sparks of revival are already beginning to ignite inside the church, which is our only hope for restoration in America. The principles of God's Word energized by the power of the Holy Spirit in revived hearts will usher in the greatest revival our nation has ever seen. Our country will then be the key servant-leader God intended it to be, promoting truth, justice, compassion, and love.  We enthusiastically endorse Jesus Now.
    David and Jason Benham
    Authors of Whatever the Cost and Living Among Lions,
  • Kay Horner
    In a nation that has its share of bad news, Jesus Now is like a refreshing breeze of hope. Tom Phillips’ passion for revival and awakening will not only inspire you to believe, but challenge you to become engaged in this next great move of God in America.
    Kay Horner
    Executive Director, Awakening America Alliance
  • Dr David Butts
    Perhaps one of the most important aspects of revival is hope…the hope that God is not done with us yet and is preparing to do a new thing in our midst. Tom Phillips gives us that hope powerfully in his new book, Jesus Now.  Your prayers for revival will arise on fresh wings of hope after reading this book.
    Dr David Butts
    Chairman, America’s National Prayer Committee
  • David Lane
    “The Kingdom of God is not going to arrive on Air Force One” said Chuck Colson.  Politicians are not going to save America. Wall Street is not going to save America. If America is to be saved, Tom Phillip's new book, Jesus Now, points to the cure: Jesus. Jesus Now reinforces Fyodor Dostoevsky's insight, "The West has lost Christ, and that is why it is dying; that is the only reason".
    David Lane
    American Renewal Project
  • Dr. William M. Wilson
    America’s spiritual history has included significant tides of spiritual awakening that influenced entire generations for Christ. Over and over again, God has rescued us when we have united together in prayer. Following the low spiritual tide of the last few decades, America is once again poised to see an inrushing of God’s presence that will drive away darkness and despair. Dr. Phillips new book, Jesus Now, charts a course for your involvement in this new awakening.  Together we can see America’s spiritual tide rise again!
    Dr. William M. Wilson
    President, Oral Roberts University
  • Tom Phillips
    Today in America we see two countervailing trends. The one leads to the moral abyss of drugs, immorality, violence, and death. The second leads to hope, renewal, caring, and life. Clearly God is at work among a needy people bringing men and women into a vital relationship with His Son. The author Tom Phillips (BGEA vice president of Billy Graham Library and no relation to me) gives documented evidence on the reason for this in Jesus Now.
    Tom Phillips
    Former CEO, Raytheon Company, Lexington, Massachusetts

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About the Author

Dr. Tom Phillips is vice president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). He has served as the executive director of the Billy Graham Library and the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove, the vice president of crusades, and the director of counseling and follow-up globally, playing a key role in the development of materials and programs. Dr. Phillips serves on the Billy Graham Center Committee at Wheaton College. He is a member of the Mission America Executive Committee. Tom and his wife, Ouida, have three grown children and make their home in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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