Sparks of Revival: Artist, Lisa Nelthropp

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April 26, 2019
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June 10, 2019

Lisa Nelthropp, Primitive Muralist and Surface Designer, has been painting for over 25 years. Lisa paints historical and primitive paintings, portraits and murals from the 1800 and 19th century. She has been featurd in such prestigious magazines as Yankee Magazine, New Hampshire Home Magazine, Early American Life Magazine and America’s First Resort. She is certified and has extensive training in wood graining, marble, plaster, glazing, and the art of Trompe l’oeil, which she incorporates into her Murals, Fine Art and Primitive Portraits.

Lisa’s mission statement is to preserve a part of our national heritage by painting in the styles of the early American itinerant limners. Through use of texture, perspective, the subtle harmony of color, and the play of light and shadow, Lisa creates timeless paintings murals and portraits for her national clients. Incorporating textures and finishes with passion, craftsmanship, and a quality of excellence while always keeping heritage techniques and workmanship within her historical interpertations.

Lisa has studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Surface Design and is schooled in the styles of Rufus Porter and The Hudson River Valley Painters. Her work has been featured in Yankee Magazine and N.H. Chronicle, and she has also been juried twice to be part of the Music Festival Showcase House (2002 and 2003).

Lisa has one the highest award as a Traditional Artisan in the Directory of Traditional American Crafts in for the National Magazine Early American Life for 2011, and ranks top in her field. Recognized by experts and curators from such prestigious institutions as Colonial Williamsburg, Foundation, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Hancock Shaker Village, Kent State University, National Council on Historic Preservation, Old Sturbridge Village, Southern Highland Craft Guild, Strawberry Banke Museum, and Winterthur Museum. Lisa explains she is preserving traditional skills and craftsmanship which is a part of our American culture which is rapidly being lost in the digital age. Many of these skills were passed down from master to apprentice for hundreds of years but few new people choose to learn and master them.


  1. Ramona Aganon says:

    Her paintings are beautiful!

  2. I believe this is a great way for people to hear testimonies in how God works through each of us. How God’s relationship with each of us is so personal and special. How we see God work in signs and wonders for the expanse of His Kingdom.